Life Transform Program

12-week integrative life coaching program that will support your journey to remove blocks and create your best life.

If you are truly ready to take yourself on, this 12-week program is our most accessible coaching option. Are you ready to create the life that you’ve always dreamed of? Have you experienced a major life change or are you ready to make a major life change? Maybe you want to move towards a better life but you aren’t sure how to get there. Now you can learn how. You will apply the IWA Integrative Life Coaching™ Process, learning how to apply this step-by-step, proven coaching process that addresses one’s entire life to help you create your best life.

You will learn:
• Learn how to find balance in your four systems of self to achieve wholeness
• Clarify what you want for your life by tapping into your authentic self
• Identify habits and patterns that are keeping you from your best life
• Remove roadblocks and overcome past limitations
• Create an action plan to achieve the life you want

Whether you want to find love, land a dream job, fix a relationship, or lose weight, Life Transform Program will give you the tools to set your life on a different trajectory.


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